Wealthy Affiliate is a platform that teaches you how to earn revenue online mainly as an affiliate marketer.

With this educational platform you don’t need to have any previous knowledge. It is structured to guide you starting at the basics and fundamentals. It has a proven method that leads you to a successful online business of your own. Its creators were already successful as affiliates before they launched the platform. And many other members that have joined have built a solid online business following the Wealthy Affiliate training.

It coaches you to put together your very own site to promote what you choose. You could build a site about learning a language, coloring books for children or anything else that you could imagine.


You can convert whatever you select into a profitable business online. For example, following Wealthy Affiliate’s guidance I have built my site for people that want to learn Italian. If you want to take a look at it, click here. I must also warn you (based on my own experience) that building a site and making it profitable takes hard work and dedication. This is not a get-rich-quick scheme.

My personal experience

In my personal experience, I joined Wealthy Affiliate with no previous knowledge about Affiliate  Marketing. I have seen members start earning an income after 3 months they joined the platform. And it’s really exciting because once you discover how to earn money as an affiliate marketer you will just have to repeat the process and earnings will just flow.

Man and laptop

But on my journey it took me 10 months to receive my first payment in my PayPal account. It’s an exciting moment! I appreciate the fact that nobody told me before I joined that I would obtain revenue in a month. If they had told me that, I would have felt disappointed and lost confidence in the platform.

But from the start, I was told I would have to work hard without seeing results for some months, and it could even take a year. I know this will not sound popular, but I want you to know as much as possible before you decide to give this a try. I’d love to be honest with you: there are even people that fail to earn revenue, lots of people do, because they are not willing to put the work in!

So if you’re willing to follow the training and work hard taking action on everything you learn, then Wealthy Affiliate is for you! If you just want to earn quick bucks, there are many other sites I also review that can help you with that. In this review I’ll give you my honest report about Wealthy Affiliate based on my own experience.

You have huge advantages over me

I must also say that if you decide to join Wealthy Affiliate you may have huge advantages if you compare yourself with me when I decided to join. And here are at least three main reasons:

1. My first language is not English and I had very little contact with English before joining the platform. At school and at work I never used English so it took time to get used to interact in English. I even felt insecure to express my ideas in English because I didn’t want to be misunderstood or make a misleading affirmation.

I also was worried about the connotation of the words I used and doubtful if they had any background or cultural implications. As affiliate marketers, we will be constantly delivering content and this aspect of being insecure writing the ideas we want to transmit is a very important issue. So, if English is your first language, you’re way ahead of me just from the beginning.

And if your first language isn’t English, then don’t feel discouraged: I understand exactly how you feel, I went through that!

2. I’m not a writer, not even in my native language (which is Spanish by the way: ¡Hola!), so learning to write in a foreign language, very honestly has been very difficult. I didn’t have the habit of writing. I even didn’t know if I was capable of writing, not even in my native language. So this was a huge wall for me! I was constantly struggling: You can’t, you can!


3. I’m an Engineer and started building my site having a full time job in an oil company, and I really had to organize my time very well. I committed to go through the training even though I had very little spare time. There were days when I wanted to say: “I’m to tired to sit down in front of a screen to study and work at my site”. But today I’m so happy I didn’t give up. If you’re thinking that you don’t have time, I know that you know: that we can make time (if we’re really interested)!

Notice I have started mentioning the difficulties I encountered once I joined Wealthy Affiliate. I don’t want any of these to get you by surprise. When I came across some reviews of Wealthy Affiliate, I read about all the benefits I would have if I joined, and I can affirm today, after having joined the platform, that they were true statements. But I also know that only sharing part of the truth, is not the truth.

I would not be comfortable if I’d only talk about the rose and not mention the thorns. But, I also remember that even thou I didn’t know the obstacles I would encounter once I joined, I decided to join because you can become part of the Wealthy Affiliate community and start the training and build your site, completely free.

Yes, it’s true, you can discover by yourself and have your own idea of what the platform has to offer, and you don’t have to pay a dime to do this. Once I discovered I could join and check out by myself, completely free of charge, no credit cards involved, I said: “I’ll join this platform!”

And I not only said it, I did it! And here I am, a couple of years later, having built a few sites and earning revenue online. You can start going through the lessons, interact with the community (ask as many questions as you want and receive answers instantaneously), and even build your first two sites completely free.

I’m sure you’d love to check out by yourself. I hear you saying as I did “I’ll join this platform!” Click here to find about it yourself!

What’s Affiliate Marketing?

And how does it work? You may have been asking yourself these questions. So let’s give a brief explanation on this subject. Let’s say a company has a product. That company is willing to give you a percentage of the sale price of the product for each sale you make.

So you can review or recommend the product and receive commissions for every sale. But, in contrast with a salesman as we all know, you should not hard sale your audience. Instead, you should help them to do a well-informed purchase. This means that you will give them as much relevant information as possible, the good and the bad and let them decide.

Wrapping Up

So, at Wealthy Affiliate you have all what you need to set up your site and become an authority. Let’s start from the beginning.

Once you join, Wealthy Affiliate has a certification Course waiting for you. In it you will be introduced to all the basics. As it has been said so many times, and I can freely repeat it, because I myself  proved it, “No previous knowledge is required”.

Just from the start you have 2 sites completely free. Launching a site 10 years ago took a whole month. Today, it will take you less than 30 seconds. If you want to build your own online business, then Wealthy Affiliates is for you. It’s completely free to join. If you want to take a look at the platform, click here.

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Thokoza Hadebe · February 22, 2020 at 11:34 PM

It’s sooo inspirational, indeed. No hurdles can bound the determined will!!! I really feel I’ve been given wind to fly!!!

Thank you.

    Henry · February 23, 2020 at 1:10 AM

    Hi Thokoza. I’m glad to hear this post has inspired you. Opportunities like this didn’t exist 2 decades ago. Take advantage of it! All the best!

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