If you don’t shoot, you don’t score. And goals pay the rent”.

Researching for the best soccer blogs I came across this phrase. It is without doubt true inside the soccer pitch, but it’s also applicable beyond.

I enjoyed preparing this list. When it comes to the most popular sport on the planet, weMan_giving_instructions_to_a_lad would all expect very popular blogs too. And that’s exactly what I found! But not only that, during these days that I have been reading many of these blogs, I have noticed they are so many angles from which they approach the sport.

They all deal with soccer, football or association football as it is also called in the US, but some view it from the fans’ perspective and collect information that team followers would appreciate. Other blogs write about the sport from a player’s perspective or a coach’s perspective. Some websites focus on the gear, others on one specific team or league and there are even others that concentrate their attention on the impact soccer has outside the pitch.


I would love to include all these different viewpoints from which this beautiful game is contemplated but for the sake of this post, I’ll highlight the top 5 that, in my opinion, match this specific criteria:

a. The blog must have more followers that the other soccer blogs, be it traffic to the site or social media following.

b. Should be actively posting content up to the present.

c. And the website should view the sport with a general lens, stating news and facts in an informatively manner.

But for those of you who would also like more specific blogs, at the end of this list I’ll also mention (I just mention them and you’ll have to check them out yourself) blogs for specific teams, specific leagues and for becoming a better player or coach.


And there is even a bonus at the end of this post

Due to the fact that soccer can be monitored from so many standpoints, I acknowledge you may also have your very own opinions and views on “the beautiful game”. Would you like to have your own blog? You could share it with friends and family all over social media and who knows? Your points could even resound with a group of people and the next thing you know; you’re running an online business on a topic in which you’re passionate.


So as a bonus, at the end of this post I include a form in which you can launch your own blog for FREE. Yes, you’ve heard it right, for free (no credit card required).

And don’t be afraid of the idea because nowadays you can launch a blog or a website without knowing how to code. It’s super simple. But while building your own blog, you’ll have access to tutorials and a helpful community of online bloggers, just in case you need a hand. Me included!

Do you like this website you’re reading right now? I didn’t know anything about websites not long ago. Thus, don’t rule out the possibility of having your own website.


As we dive into this list, you’ll be surprised that some of these very popular sites were born from people that just begun sharing their thoughts on the game online. And voila, people liked them.

Top 5 soccer blogs all fans’ will enjoy


5. The Football Ramble

Do you remember the quote I mentioned at the beginning of this post? Well, when I streamed The Football Ramble’s podcast for the first time, one of their hosts (Warren Haughton) welcomed me with that phrase “If you don’t shoot, you don’t score. And goals pay the rent”. How could I not keep on listening?

The Football Ramble is a podcast, book and website produced in London by The Football Ramble Ltd.

Their original release was in April 2007 and they began broadcasting twice a month. Due to repeated listener requests they started doing the show weekly, then twice a week and now episodes are released daily.

They have come a long way. The initial episodes were recorded in the kitchen of one of the presenter’s rented house with a couple of old mics and a MiniDisc player.

But that was not for long because even since its early days the podcast reached the number 1 spot in the iTunes sports podcast chart. Competition titles from The Guardian and the BBC were left trailing behind.

Have you played the Football Manager 2020 video game? Have you played any of the Football Manager series? You may recall that Football manager is a spin-off from Championship Manager. As early as in 2009, The Football Ramble was featured in Championship Manager 2010 (which, by the way, was Championship Manager’s last edition for PC) as one of the ‘media outlets’ that reviewed manager progress throughout the season.

The Football Ramble has also been featured, among many other websites and shows, in Four Four Two, which is an English Magazine that we also include in this Top 5.

To check them out, go to: https://play.acast.com/s/footballramble


4. Sport Lens

This site was launched in April 2006. They’re also referred to as Soccer lens and yeah, their focus is on soccer.

They share news, mainly from European leagues and they also publish very entertaining posts.

They issue several articles daily.

To check them out, go to: https://sportslens.com/


3. Four Four Two

I’m almost sure you’ve come across this magazine. But just in case, Four Four Two is a soccer magazine issued monthly. They started business in 1994 and on May 2019 they published their 200th edition.

Their name comes from the soccer formation 4-4-2.


Besides de original UK edition, the magazine is also available in 16 other languages. Even in the English language, there was an Australian Edition and there still is a Nigerian edition.

As a side note, you know that our Aussie friends call football, soccer. So the Autralian Edition ran with a publicity tagline “It’s footy, but not as you know it”. And those that bought the first edition read a motto “Goodbye soccer, Hello Football”.

The Australian edition was published from October 2005 to August 2018 when it ran out of service.

If you live in Australia or in any other place of the world, it doesn’t matter if there is an Edition of Four Four Two in your country. You can still go to their website and check their good crafted articles and good photographs.

To check them out, go to: https://www.fourfourtwo.com/


2. 101 Great Goals

This site is packed with news. It also publishes many, many posts daily. And to cap it all, it focuses on the most beautiful goals around the planet.

Their motto reads “No matter where you are in the world, we allow you to stay up to date with all the latest goals from around the world. Have you seen the latest great goal?”

To check them out, go to: https://www.101greatgoals.com/


1. Goal.com

For many, this is by far the best soccer blog on the planet. For me it was tough to choose number one but I finally ended up agreeing with the vast majority.

Sleek site, an impressive quantity of articles published daily, great pictures, good quality in each post and live updates.

If you only have time to check one site, it has to be this one.

To check them out, go to: https://www.goal.com/en


There are many more sites that I would have wanted to include in this post. But I also needed to apply some filters to come up only with the very best.

Nonetheless, as I mentioned at the beginning, I’ll also provide you here a list of sites for different categories, such as blogs that focus on a specific league, specific teams and for players and coaches.


I didn’t add a description to the following sites, but you can check them yourself by clicking on the names of these sites (the site’s name is a link that will take you there).

European_football_team_in_training_ session_cartoon

Blogs that focus on a specific league

England’s Premier League

Fletch FC


Who ate all the pie?

A different League

90 minutes at a time

United States’ Major League Soccer

SBI Soccer

Stars and Stripes FC

90 Soccer

American Soccer Analysis

Spain’s La Liga

La Liga blog

Spanish Football

France’s Ligue 1

French Football Weekly


Blogs that focus on a specific team

Teams from England’s Premier League



Le Grove

A cultured left foot, a cultured Arsenal blog

Gooner Daily

All Arsenal

The Arsenal blog

Aston Villa

Aston Villa fan site

Bristol City

Robin View


Talk Chelsea

Chelsea draft



Toffee Web

Leeds United

The scratching shed

Leicester City



This is anfield

Empire of the Kop

The Kop Times

Paisley Gates

Live 4 Liverpool

Friends of Liverpool

Manchester United

Stretty News

The peoples person

The Republik of Mancunia

Red Rants

Stretty Rant

Newcastle United

The Mag

NUFC blog

Tyne Time

Tottenham Hotspur

Tottenham blog

The boy Hotspur

West Ham United

West Ham ‘till I die

Up the hammers


Teams from Italy’s Serie A


Juve FC

Millan FC

Rossoneri blog


Teams from Spain’s La Liga


Barça Universal

Real Madrid

Real Madrid News


Teams from Scotland’s Ladbrokes Premiership

Rangers FC

Got the battle fever on

Celtic FC

The Celtic blog


Teams from United States’ Major League Soccer

Atlanta United

Dirty South Soccer

Toronto FC

Walking the red


Blogs for players and coaches

Coaching Soccer weekly

Soccer Drive


You won’t run short of options with this list I have included here. I hope you have a great time discovering good soccer blogs and following those you click with.

Can I finish my post here?

No I can’t. A promise made is a debt unpaid. That means I can’t close this post until my promise has been fulfilled.

And I couldn’t attempt to see if you had forgotten because checking all these different blogs for the different leagues and teams was a constant reminder that we can all be heard online.

So, here it is: your very own blog, completely free! You can type in the name you would like for your blog in the form that’s here below. Wait to see if the name is available and then press “Build it Now”.

Enjoy this wonderful journey that many others already began, sharing your thoughts about “the beautiful game” with the world and see your following expand. And please, feel free to contact me if you ever need a hand!


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