You have probably come across some offer on social media, or somebody you know has presented you the opportunity to join MONAT’s MLM program as a representative. It is most of the time pitched as an opportunity to earn money online. But there is a lot of speculation going around with a certain Monat scam story. So I must commend you for taking time to search for Monat reviews.

Here on this post we’ll present you both sides of the story in a balanced way and let you decide.

Comic: Would you like to earn money online? Monat is an excellent opportunity to get started.


Overview of the company


Founder: Luis Urdaneta and family.

Date it was launched: 2014.

Website’s URL:

Type of company: Hair and skincare MLM (Multi-Level-Marketing Company).

Price to join their MLM program in order to sell their products: $148.95 USD. This total amount comes from two different purchases you need to make to get started. These purchases are $99 USD for the starting pack and $49.95 USD for a year membership in advance.

Our rating of this company: 30 out of 100.


Let’s learn a bit about Monat

Monat Global was launched in the United States on October 2014. Its name “Monat” stands for modern nature. It states its products are elaborated with naturally based formulas.

After it’s foundation, people begun to try Monat’s products and also recommend them to others. It started building momentum with lots of people joining their MLM company. All around the web people promoted Monat in exchange for commissions. It was (and it still is) easy to come across promotional material to their company on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. With this initial success, less than 2 years later, Monat expanded to Canada.

Monat’s products fall into the hair and skincare category. In their catalog, in the haircare section you may find products such as hydrating shampoos, volumising shampoos and conditioners, among others. In the skincare section, you can find moistures, body scrubs and so on.

At the time of this review (March, 2020) they had 60 products listed on catalog. Their retailer prices for these products ranged from $22 USD to $99 USD. Their line of products are on the expensive side.

They also have a program called “VIP customer” in which these same products are sold with 15% discount. To join this program a customer must pay a one-time enrollment fee of $19.99 USD but is required to place an order of $84 USD or more at least every 60 days. So, the discount is tied to these recurring purchases.


Monat has received several awards

So, Monat was launched in 2014 and by 2016 it begun to receive awards. That year it received 5 awards in the United States.

It received two 2016 Stevie® Awards for Women in Business in the following categories: one Silver award for “Blog of the year” and a Bronze award for “Communications Campaign of the Year, Social Media Focused”.

Additionally, that same year in the United States it received three 2016 American Business Awards in the following categories: Gold award for “Startup of the year”, Silver award for “Fastest growing startup of the year” and Bronze award for “Motivational video”.

Cartoon: Startup of the Year. And the winner is… Monat Global!

That night Monat took quite a few awards home. But the next year things didn’t go so well for Monat. Complaints about their products started spreading as fire all around social media and in 2017 Monat didn’t win one single award in the United States.

Since it had expanded to Canada in 2016, in 2017 it received one award from “Direct Sellers Association of Canada”.

In 2018 and 2019, Monat continued without receiving awards in the United States. In Canada they received again the “Direct Sellers Association of Canada” in 2018 and in 2019.


The Monat scam story

Something has definitely begun to happen after Monat’s successful beginnings. And I believe 2016 was that turning point.

With all the momentum Monat had gained up to 2016, there started to spring up a few complaints. The thing is that it didn’t stop in a few grumbles. The complaints continued to increase in number and everywhere. Even to this day, when you search for Monat reviews there’ll be those that still talk good about their products and there’ll be those that are furious at them.

Researching online I have found that the most grievous complaints fall in two categories: products generating health issues and customers angry about charges done by Monat.

a.) Customers irritated because of health issues they experienced after using Monat products: the two main issues were hair beginning to fall out and adverse reactions on customer’s scalps. These complaints are all over the Internet. Quite disturbing, to say the least.

b.) Customers furious about charges done by Monat: here I’m convinced Monat doesn’t do it on purpose. But I believe there is certain degree of disorganization inside the company when it comes to receiving orders, canceling orders and dealing with membership fees.

    Customers and members report that it’s annoying to be charged by Monat things that they didn’t order and it’s even more annoying when they ask to remove those unwanted orders and are not heard.


    Lawsuits in which Monat Global has been involved

    Complaints and negative reviews didn’t stop there. People proceded to file lawsuits against Monet and Monet would also fire back. Here you can check by yourself a series of lawsuits that have begun to be filed on 2018.

    Screenshots Lawsuits

    But although some of these are very grievous complaints, it’s not all bad when we search for people’s opinion concerning Monat’s products. Let’s take a look at what we find inside the group of those that speak good about Monat.


    Common theme among Monat good reviews

    Reading several reviews and watching on YouTube videos where Monat products are commented, I found a common theme. People that like these products say they are really special and have done wonders for them. According to these reviews, the results obtained by using their hair or skincare line are outstanding.

    So that has left me scratching my head. I’m uncertain about what to conclude. In my book there are two possibilities. These are:

    1. a.) These people that are speaking about all these wonders and how outstanding Monat products are just are in for a quick buck! They want to earn a commission from their readers and listeners without pondering the consequences.
    2. b.) These people are genuinely impressed with the results they have obtained with Monat products and based on their own results they want to endorse the company.

    I’m certain that among all these positive reviews, both these stances exist. What I don’t know is what’s the percentage of those that are in for a quick buck and those that are genuinely satisfied.


    A group of customers that are in the middle

    Besides those health complaints that are serious and those speaking wonders about the company, I’ve found a third group. They are those that say “Ok, well, I’m using their products and they haven’t caused me any harm but aren’t causing me any good either”.

    This group says that since they’re not obtaining the super results that they had heard, then Monat products are way overpriced. They say Monat products can be compared with any other product they could find in their local store. With the only difference that products in their local store are cheaper.


    Some reviews about Monat on TrustPilot

    So you may have an idea of the mixture of opinions concerning this company, I’d like to leave you some reviews found on TrustPilot.

    Here is an overview of all the reviews submitted to TrustPilot concerning Monat.


    And here are some of the reviews submitted to the TrustPilot platform so you may have an idea of what the people say when they’re praising Monat and what do they say when they’re complaining.






    Is Monat a scam?

    Our definition of a scam is a platform that takes away your money and delivers nothing at all. Or delivers something really below your expectations. Nobody is satisfied with a scam.

    Despite Monat having their own share of class action lawsuits and having had to deal with a lot of negative reviews, we can conclude they are a legitimate company.

    Monat has a solid system in place in which it delivers its products to its clients and there are many satisfied customers. So, Monat is not a scam.


    Our opinion concerning using Monat’s products

    Having presented all these antagonist perspectives, we conclude that purchasing Monat products is under your own risk.

    Assuming that those that endorse Monat are trustworthy, we believe that Monat’s products are not for everybody. Some people react favorably and others react unfavorably. And there is even a third group that don’t notice any difference.

    The difficult question to answer is in which group you’ll be? We’d advice you not to purchase, but if you insist, please use their products with caution!


    Our opinion concerning joining Monat’s business to promote their products

    First of all, Monat is a Multi-Level-Marketing business (MLM). And MLM businesses are infamous for giving all the recruiting and promoting work to the downlines while those at the top cash in the benefits.

    But let us not generalize and look for Monat’s specific case. We’ve searched for Monat Global’s “Statement of typical earnings” in the US and haven’t found one but we did manage to find one for Monat Global, Canada.

    Monat Global Canada’s “Statement of typical earnings” expresses that the average income of a Managing Market Partner is in between $22 and $1,188 CAD annually.

    Screenshot of earnings

    Wait a minute, Monat themselves are admitting that a person that works with them and progresses up to their 2nd step in the Monat ladder, in average earns in between $22 and $1,188 CAD annually, and that is before taxes and expenses!

    On the other hand, why would you choose to promote a product that has caused so much uproar? It’s unimportant if the people that talk good about Monat are right or the people that talk bad about Monat are right. The point here is that you’d be entering tempestuous waters. You’ll be called names and despised by an important segment of your audience. And even if Monat works for you and you decide to promote them, how could you honestly recommend it to your followers knowing that some of them will experience adverse reactions. Promoting Monat could even cost you your reputation.

    In this present scenario, we firmly believe you should not join Monat’s MLM business nor promote their products!


    If I don’t promote Monat, what can I do to build a business online?

    Without doubt there are way better companies than Monat to start your journey online building a sustainable stream of income. I believe you should, first of all, start with a platform that is free to join. In which you’re taken by the hand and introduced to how this business of promoting products online works. And then you may be able to choose, with criteria, products you’d feel comfortable promoting.

    Do yourself a favor and check out this platform by clicking here. It’s free to join and it will help you rule out the “not so good opportunities” and prepare you to recognize the great ones.

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