There are quite a few points we must discuss on this post so you may be able to answer the question “Is abundance network a scam?” by yourself by the time you finish reading this.

First of all, I must commend you for researching before joining Abundance Network. You may not know how important it’s to do this before joining any platform. Or you may actually know, and that’s why you’re here. Either way, that’s a good thing to do! Please keep on doing it! There are legit opportunities and scams out there. So to be able to distinguish them, we emphasis researching is the best tool.

Overview of the platform

Name: Abundance Network

Founder: Jeff Long

Date it was launched: early 2019 (it was relaunched on August 6th, 2019)

Type of platform: SMS and voicemail system

Price to join this platform: it has two offers; $200 USD and $697 USD.

Our rating of this company: 5 out of 100.

Let’s learn a bit about Abundance Network

The platform works really simple. Others that have joined previously activate the automated system to send out text messages to their friends and acquaintances inviting them to call a phone number.

If these friends and acquaintances call that number, they are invited to join the same scheme by depositing the entering payment and are given a number to also send text messages to their friends and acquaintances.

Hmm… First of all, let me tell you, if I received a message telling me to call a certain number to earn money, I’d be a bit suspicious. But yet there are many that call. And there are even some that join the scheme.

First time Abundance Network was launched

In their first edition, Abundance Network tried to get people to sign up with an entry payment of $100. So let’s use the example of the grandpa in the cartoons to explain how the system works.

Grandpa would join paying his $100. Then he would start to recruit people. Since in this example he’s riding with his granddaughter, he tells her about the scheme and she decides to join too.

When the granddaughter pays her $100 that money goes completely to grandpa.

So grandpa decides to invite a second person and he also joins. Those $100 that that second person pays don’t go to grandpa. They go to the person that recruited grandpa.

When a third person joined through grandpa, those $100 would go directly to grandpa’s pocket again.

When a fourth person joined through grandpa, those $100 would go to the person that recruited grandpa.

From the fifth person onward, all grandpa’s recruit’s $100 payments would go into grandpa’s pocket.

This picture here below may help you understand what we have just explained:

Cartoon of grandpa’s earnings through 7 recruitment

But this model has a huge red flag painted on it! Nothing is being sold to retail customers. And 100% of the earnings are paid by commissions that come from the money of new recruits.

When new recruits stop flowing into the system, then those that entered last lose their money. And this type of system is doomed to collapse (it’s just a matter of time).

Carriers such as Verizon, T-mobile, Sprint, etc noticed something suspicious. They investigated and decided to filter and block all these messages that were being sent indicating that Abundance Network was carrying out a pyramid gifting model. These companies that offer communication services don’t like pyramid schemes to operate on their networks.

Abundance Network was relaunched

On August 6th, 2019 Abundance Network was relaunched. It found a way around Carriers and did some adjustments to its compensation plan. But still continued with its pyramid scheme.

In this new plan, it added a figure called the Master Reseller. Now joining Abundance Network costs $200.

So to explain how this new compensation plan works, let’s continue with grandpa’s example.

First, let’s see how the Master Reseller works. Any member of Abundance Network can become a Master Reseller by paying $697.

Let’s take for example grandpa upgrading to be a Master Reseller. From the $697 he pays, $500 go to the guy that recruited grandpa and the remaining $197 go into the pocket of the creator of the scheme, Jeff Long. Here is an illustration to help you understand how the money is distributed.

Cartoon of grandpa’s becoming a Master Reseller.

Now that grandpa has become a Master Reseller let’s see how the new commission system works. Let’s imagine grandpa’s daughter recruits somebody. Her recruit must pay $200 to join. The money paid by her recruit is distributed this way: $100 go to the granddaughter for the recruitment, $50 go to the first up-line Master Reseller that in this case is grandpa, and $50 go to the creator of the scheme, Jeff Long. Here is an illustration to comprehend who gets money in their pockets with this comission.

Cartoon of granddaughter’s recruit

Let’s get to know the creator of Abundance Network

We have mentioned Jeff Long quite a few times but it would be good to take a look at previous platforms he has launched because there is indeed a recurring theme here.

His full name is Jeffrey Alan Long and he is the owner of a Utah company called Autom8tion LLC.

Back in 2011 he launched a recruitment scheme called AutoXTen. In it he offered to those that would invest $10 to potentially turn them into nearly two hundred thousand. The platform collapsed a few months after launch.

After that came SMS Dailies. It didn’t last long.

In late 2015 he created another pyramid scheme called Get Paid Social which involved spamming on Facebook. It went into decline throughout 2016.

He launched 1 Online Business in mid-2017. He began to get creative with this one and it involved a cycler Ponzi business model combined with social media spamming. During nearly 8 months the site was active. Alexa traffic showed its raise and its collapse beginning 2018.

On April 2018 he launched Luvv, another pyramid scheme. Guess what happened with that one shortly after?

Starting 2019 he launched an MLM gifting scheme that promised investors a 200% ROI. Its name was NewU Financial. It involved restoring new affiliates credit score to 720 or more. Once affiliates received their credit restoration, they had to create a new corporation and take out a loan of up to $150,000. Once received the loan, they should pay back the 200% promised to the gifting affiliate and the remaining should be used as gifting payments to new affiliates wanting to fix their credit score. Ok, no need to tell you what happened with this one!

Should I join Abundance Network?

Look, I know it sounds so easy, just sharing a phone number to earn money. But that’s all part of a scheme. Most people will lose their money. And the creator of this scheme is fully aware of it and all his past products have had this sole intention.

The reason these types of products are successful in the first place is because they offer the idea of making money easily. Come on, that’s not the way the world works. Not even for Jeff Long, the creator of all these pyramid schemes. It is not easy for him to earn money. He has to set all these websites and build campaigns. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that by joining one of his platforms it will be that easy for you.

And on the other hand, would you be whilling to sent to your list of phone contacts an invitation to a scheme that is just trying to take money out of peoples pockets, using you as a vehicle?

Please keep away from these products. It will be good for you and good for all those around you.

Cartoon face of grandpa sad with his granddaughter.

Are there any options to work online?

There are no easy ways of making money online (at least not in a legit, honest way). As happened off-line, also happens online: the only way of generating sustainable income online is creating value.

I’d like to share with you a platform that will teach you how to build your own business online. You choose what you want your business to be. It could be teaching others how to learn a language, sharing tips with first-time moms or talking about gardening. You choose it!

You’ll own your business. It will be built on your own domain, you decide what goes on it and what doesn’t. You even decide if you want ads on it or not. You’ll be working for yourself. But here is the deal, you’ll have to create value for your visitors.

Why join Jeff Long’s shady platforms when there are well-established, transparent ways of building your own business online? It’s a no-brainer, this platform is free to join, no credit cards required. Click here to see for yourself.

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